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DJ Plus One 'Bristo Tag' T - Shirt


Image of DJ Plus One 'Bristo Tag' T - Shirt
  • Image of DJ Plus One 'Bristo Tag' T - Shirt
  • Image of DJ Plus One 'Bristo Tag' T - Shirt
  • Image of DJ Plus One 'Bristo Tag' T - Shirt

25 years is a long time in skateboarding. In the mid-nineties, the clown-panted pressure flips and flat-spotted 39mm landings from earlier in the decade had mercifully been superseded by clean tricks executed with speed and height.
Nowhere encapsulated this confluence of tech and pop quite like Edinburgh’s Bristo Square, and few were as consistent or stylish as ‘Wee’ Joe Ward. Not only was Joe the square’s very own pint-sized Guy Mariano but he also had the foresight to commemorate the iconic street spot, the original ledges of which would be lost to history in 2015.
Inspired by Zoo York’s emergent East Coast aesthetic Joe enlisted the services of one Niall Dailly (better known as World DMC Champ and Scratch Pervert, DJ Plus One) to whip up a Bristo tag. In true Joe fashion, he insisted that the artwork be created on a 1:1 scale. Local graf legend and graphic equaliser, Derm was called in to take care of additional design duties, adding the Forth Bridge as a salute to skaters from across the water.
Despite this collaboration between three legends of Edinburgh street culture, the graphic was all but forgotten until every Scottish skater’s favourite skater, ‘Big’ Mark Burrows, presented Joe with an OG board at his wedding. As Joe is very much back in the saddle, he was recently inspired to press a limited run of commemorative Bristo boards with Knatchbull as a tribute to everyone that hit up Bristo’s hallowed blocks.
Styles change, style doesn’t.
Knatchbull DJ Plus One "Bristo" T's available now.
100% cotton heavy weight T available in black and army green.